Road-tripping – Madurai, Kodaikanal
December 13, 2018


Our internship at rydS started from 4th June and lasted for two months. We worked as a part of the Business Analytics team under the guidance of our supervisor and mentor Mr. Aakash Neeraj Mittal. Being the interns at rydS, our duties were diverse and ever-changing. Initially, we were given tasks that required us to apply our knowledge to study route plans for different companies, analyze the results provided and compose better routes to make it more cost efficient.

Apart from our usual work, we were encouraged to participate in CSR initiatives taken by the company, wherein we went for a plantation drive near Bangalore along with school children who were also participating. It was a great experience to work along and supervise the teams of school children while we understood the necessity of restoring Bangalore’s status to the green city it once was. It is commendable how the HR team of the company works. Throughout our time here there was always some engaging HR activity being held which did not just induce creativity and team building but also served as a recreational outlet for employees.

Our biggest takeaway from this internship would be the importance of having a good workplace environment. Having seniors who were always kind, supportive and approachable made the work easier and enjoyable. It was definitely an enlightening internship, and we now have a very valuable experience under our belt.

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