POSH Training - Senior Management

1. Understanding Sexual Harassment at Workplace: What actions measure up to Sexual Harassment, Adverse impacts of Sexual Harassment, Taking cognizance of Sexual Harassment, how does the law view sexual Harassment.

Review of various case studies leading to applicability of the law.

2. Process flow for ensuring compliance under the Act -Expectations from Organisations. Constitution of the Internal Committee as per law and its roles and responsibilities.

Vehicle Maintenance Training

The safety of our vehicles is paramount especially our school buses. We ensure that all our drivers are well aware of the latest techniques in vehicle maintenance. We conducted a full-day vehicle health checkup and training program at our partner school, Vidyashilp Academy. The training covered preventive maintenance on vehicles, checklist for daily vehicle health checkup, process to handle a bus breakdown and defensive driving.

Firefighting Training

Fire safety, both in establishments and in transport structures, is an oft ignored aspect until it is too late. We understand this gap and strive to train all our staff in fire safety practices. From the basics of avoiding a fire hazard to immediate action points if and when a hazard occurs, our staff are trained to ensure no mishaps happen on the fire front.

Road Safety Awareness

How often have we seen complaints of rash driving, especially by drivers of buses that need to meet a deadline? At Baghirathi, we reinforce the message that driving rashly cannot compensate for being late, and that safety is always paramount. Our Road Safety Awareness programs focus on helping all our drivers and associate staff understand road safety precautions and implement them under all circumstances.

Working With The Traffic Police

Who better than law enforcement to help our staff understand the importance of road rules. More often than not, those who flout rules don’t quite understand why they exist in the first place. We work at this problem by working with the Bengaluru Traffic Management Centre in raising staff awareness of the prevailing rules and regulations so that mishaps are a thing of the past.

Attendant Training

All our buses, especially the ones that ply to schools, have attendants and caregivers in them who are trained in handling children and ensuring that they are always safe and secure. Our attendant training programs go beyond just a basic understanding of their roles- with our communication modules, sensitivity training and an understanding of the law, we ensure that security is never compromised.