At Baghirathi we firmly believe in using technology to enable all our functions.

We have embarked on an automation journey that will make us a pioneer in the transportation industry. We are adopting the latest technology enablers to achieve our automation vision. Right from real time tracking of our vehicles to managing our day-to-day operations we believe that technology enablement will help us achieve greater efficiencies and make our operations completely transparent and process oriented.

Our end-to-end automated system is built on the twin pillars of our “process automation” (Cecily) and “auto routing” (Path Seeker) projects. The “process automation” project focusses on technology enabling every aspect of our operations like fleet management, human resource management, workshop management and financial operations. “Auto routing” deals with providing an ecosystem for near real time routing, scheduling and tracking of vehicles to drive efficient utilization of resources including human resources.

Equipped with the latest developments in GPS, mobile computing, data analytics, routing and real time transactions our automated system delivers value not only to ourselves but also our clients.

Command Centre

Our command centre is every transportation provider’s dream. We have the facility to keep track of virtually everything to do with Baghirathi, at this centre.

Mobile App

Our app is the best interface for you to interact with us, raise queries, book our services and make payments. Seamless and easy to use.


Our seamless GPS enabled fleet is the cornerstone of our operations, with the facility to track every vehicle at every point in time.

At Baghirathi technology is our way of life! From being a transportation solutions company that uses technology we are transforming into a technology company that efficiently delivers transportation solutions.